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Oculoplasty or ophthalmoplasty deals with problems related to:
1) Eyelids
2) Tear ducts
3) Orbit

Dr Sciscio was the Director of the Oculoplastic Department at Moorfields Hospital in Dubai for 8 years. After gaining specific experience in this field during the years of specialist training (Residency and Fellowship) under the guidance of Professor Richard Collin founder of European Oculoplastic Scholarship, he contributed to the spread of this sub-specialist area in the Middle East.

They perform a fundamental function of protection and lubrication of the eye. The most common problems are:
– Ptosis when the upper eyelid is low and can therefore obstruct the upper visual field and in more serious cases also the central view.
– Tumours that may affect the margin of the eyelids or the external/internal surfaces, they usually grow slowly and in some cases it is recommended to carry out a biopsy before proceeding with the excision. There are several techniques to make sure the tumour is completely removed. However, it is essential to follow the patient for at least 5 years after removal.
– Malpositions when the edge is turned out or in. If the eyelid is turned out it is called ectropion, if turned in it is called entropion. They are more common in the elderly and rarely congenital.

The Canaliculi and Lacrimal ducts drain tears from the eye into the nasal cavity. These can become closed or narrow due to infections or inflammations.
It can be present in 1{f41b8f6fb753ffddef9325fd3a43d0beafc65648567813d504441f6babbdd7fd} of newborns. In these cases there are excellent chances that it will resolve spontaneously in the first year of life. In acquired cases it is important to evaluate if the closure is partial or total. Aid the washing Syringing of the tear ducts and nasal endoscopy are fundamental to be carried out, both of which can be doe out during the course of the visit at the EUR EYE CLINIC Rome

The orbit is the bony cavity that contains the eyeball and its surrounding structures. One of the most common pathologies is related to thyroid problems that causes inflammation and therefore protrusion of the eyes, this can be measured with exophthalmometry. Dr Sciscio follows the international standards set out by EUGOGO (European body for the study and therapy of Basedow’s disease) for the initial and follow-up evaluation of patients.
Less common pathologies are due to neoplasms or inflammations.

Oculoplasty deals with facial cosmetic plastic surgery. One of the most commonly performed operations is that of blepharoplasty. This can be performed for the upper eyelids when there are the so-called droopy eyelids with excess skin in other cases when there are also eye-bags of the lower eyelids due to protrusion of fat. These operations are carried out through perfectly hidden Micro incisions and in the case of the lower eyelids they can be Performer without external incisions but only from the inside.
With ageing typically there is a deflation of the soft tissues more evident on the face due to a loss of fat.
A holistic approach is offered with the possibility of performing liposculpture with fat and stem cells taken from other sites typically from the belly or thighs coupled with a blepharoplasty operation. This technique is performed following nano-filtration to ensure a homogeneous and long-lasting result.

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