The visual field or Automated perimetry analyses the state of health of the optic nerve in a precise and repeatable manner. This examination is in most cases prescribed to rule out or follow up glaucoma.
At the ROME EUR EYE CLINIC it is possible to perform the computerised visual field with the device that is considered in the literature the gold standard, the Humphrey Zeiss Perimeter.

Types of Visual Fields:

  • SITA standard or fast
  • Gandolfo
  • Esterman
  • Neurological

Before undergoing this non-invasive examination, it is essential that you carefully have explained how to do it so that its result is actually reliable.

The exam assesses the extent of our visual field horizontally and vertically. The device consists of a white hemisphere inside which small lights are projected, when these are seen by the patient, a button on a remote control should be pressed.

The Visual Field test is indicated for:

  • Glaucoma
  • Neurological pathologies
  • Optic nerve injuries
  • Eye trauma
  • Optic nerve diseases

No preparation is necessary. One eye is evaluated at a time, the other eye is covered with a black patch. The exam lasts on average 4-8 minutes per eye.

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